Why do companies seek to hire professionals who have studied abroad?

An increasingly globalized market requires professionals to equip themselves with the tools that allow them to work within and across various Countries and cultures. Studying abroad provides professionals the opportunity to gain insight and build cultural awareness which transforms them into exactly the type of individual that Companies are hungry for. Do you want to know why?

An international experience is one of the most distinguishing factors you can have on your CV, but is that all? With a heightened global vision, you not only become a more skilled professional, but you create a greater impact in the future of economic change.

So, what are the skills that companies are looking for and most of all, and how are these sharpened by studying abroad? From a professional standpoint, your willingness to study abroad shows a lot about your character and work ethic, but let’s explore some other reasons why companies value this experience:

A sociable person

We can’t deny that character and personality are a vital part in the selection process during interviews. Companies want to hire someone who will contribute to the efficiency of a workplace, not take away. A sociable person, open to dialogue makes will fit in better with the natural dynamics of the office, which creates a more comfortable work environment for everyone. When you decide to study at an international university where you don’t know anyone and are surrounded by a mix personality types, and cultures, this is essential.

A person who stands out

Your international experience is a differentiating factor from the mass amount of other CVs that the company will receive. What’s more, it demonstrates that you are willing to accept challenges. Think about it: you most likely took classes in a 2nd language, learned to navigate yourself in a strange environment, cared for yourself and managed to finish your studies in a totally different style of teaching. The financial and personal risk involved is a strong highlight of your initiative in self-improvement.

A person with different perspectives

A company is looking for someone to enhance the company with innovative ideas. An international program guarantees that you have been exposed to other insights & perspectives and that you will be able to utilize these fresh approaches.

An adaptable person

Even if you already have experience in the job, when you start your career in a company, everything is new. You need to adapt to new routines, schedules, bosses, co-workers, deadlines, demands, etc. As an international traveler, you have proven your ability to adapt to items on a larger scale: you lived and thrived in country, alone. This represents a considerable level of maturity.

There is no doubt that this experience will open doors in your professional career, But keep in mind that we should be eternal students. We must always seek learn and improve, because new technologies, processes and sectors arise every day and, as a professional, you must be ready for this reality.

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