Plan and conquer your international program

Some of you may find it easy to organize and reach your goals, but not everyone is so fortunate. Many of us share the desire to study abroad but find it difficult to develop the proper plan to help achieve our goal. We created a list of ideas to help you reach your target!

Set the date, and commit

No more procrastinating! Once you choose the date, make it real by marking it in your Calendar. Be sure the date doesn’t conflict with other professional or personal obligations, and always allow time for logistical and financial preparations (i.e., program tuition, accommodation, flights, daily expenses, Visa/Passport, tourist activities).

Learn to choose the essentials

If you are serious about experiencing international travels, you MUST learn to be efficient with prioritizing your finances. Ask yourself, ‘Do I really need this?’, plan accordingly and spend your money on the essentials.

Start saving

Naturally, the further away your program date is, the more time you will have to save money, which allows you to have a better time during your travels. It’s important to research the local currency to have an idea of the costs you will incur during your stay.Once you know how much you will need, set aside an appropriate amount each month. It is best to put this money in a place that is not easily accessed, which can help prevent the temptation of spending it. Choose the method that works best for you!

Research the destination

This is vital. Not only will this provide you with an idea of the expenses you can expect to incur, but it will also give you insight on the local language, cultures and customs & courtesies. The more information you have beforehand, the more comfortable you will be with your interactions and surroundings.Planning your daily activities in advance will give you greater control over your time/money management and takes away the stress of last minute arrangements. Here are some tools to help manage your overall experience:

  • Google Trips app! Allows you to organize trips, visits, routes, sights, etc. And it’s all offline!
  • Research the trends with the currency exchange. This will allow you to optimize your $$
  • The Google flights app shows the days ahead where tickets are most in the bill. Currently low-cost airlines are growing more and more, such as RyanAir and EasyJet
  • Compare options and evaluate which is better overall (Hotel x AirBnB)


We know that the labor market is becoming more demanding and finding new ways to distinguish yourself is a necessity, so focus! The program will not only yield significant results in your professional and academic ventures, but in your personal endeavors as well. You will challenge yourself by immersing yourself in a new cultures & languages while expanding your network with friends and colleagues from all around the globe.

This is an evolutionary journey and like all transformations, it will not be easy. It will require discipline, sacrifice and focus, but if you maintain determination, you will discover a person inside yourself that you never knew existed. Rest assured, you will not regret the decision to embark upon this endeavor.

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