We interviewed our CUOA Business School student, Tierra Alexandreya Chess!

Tierra Alexandreya Chess, 21, experienced her first international adventure with IBS Americas. She attended our International Management & Leadership program at CUOA Business School in January of 2017. Since her course, Tierra has visited more than 12 countries and has made it her mission to continue gaining new perspectives by immersing herself in new cultures.

Read the interview below to see how our program helped uncover a new passion and create a positive change in her life!

You attended our International Management & Leadership program at CUOA, in Italy. What did you find to be the most remarkable part of your time in Italy?

In Europe, you can visit as many countries as you want. We cannot do this in the United States. Besides that, the program added so much for approaching important and contemporary subjects, such as dealing with negotiations and, mainly, understanding people and their differences.

What impact did the professors have on the program?

The Professors are all from different countries, so there is a lot of diversity and different perspectives. I was able to ask a lot of questions regarding the country of each one of them. Going to the United Nations, learning how to get a job there, the contact we had with study cases… Everything was amazing!

Considering your academic experience, you have just graduated from SUNY Plattsburgh, with different minors in Economy, Finance, etc. Why did you choose this program?

The programs were in the content of my university’s schedule, so I thought about getting credits to the university. With IBS’ help, I was able to do so in different countries, with different people. It was worth it. I hope it increases my CV and help me getting a job in New York, something that is not easy. Every contact I had with more than 10 different cultures helped a lot.

Did this program bring new perspectives for your professional life?

Yes, for sure. As you know, everyone always thinks that their way of doing something is always the best. Going to Italy showed me a different scenario. People deal with things in a different way due to having different perspectives. This experience has broadened my horizons and given me new perspectives.

Which did you enjoy the most in Italy?

Milan! There is a lot of history and it seems like New York, comparing the city and shopping. I was surprised with the cold weather in Italy. It is basically the same as it is in New York and I was not hoping for it. I need to learn about weather.

What would you say to someone from country that is starting to have a dream to attend an executive program abroad?

The World is much bigger than what you see. There much to learn and live. When you visit another country and meet new people, you start to understand them better. I complain about my country, but visiting other countries made me value mine.

Why did you choose IBS Americas?

It’s funny, because I wanted to study in Hawaii; but I was there for 6 months and it wasn’t what I expected. They told me not to let my dream of traveling the world behind, because after this I didn’t want to travel anymore. The dean of my university introduced me to a student that have traveled with IBS, I made a research and thought “ok, I will try”. It was not that expensive, my university and my mother helped me as well. I am happy I did so, because I learned a lot. I understood that there is a lot to learn. I thank until today this opportunity.

IBS Americas opened my eyes to travel. Now, I have friends from 10 different countries, just for attending one of IBS programs. I have visited 5 of them. Besides that, I spend less Money with accommodation, my friends show me their cities… It is a pleasure to have this connection with different countries. Thank you, IBS AMERICAS!

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