We have interviewed Pearson Business School’s Dean: Will Holt!

Will has been the Dean of Pearson Business School since 2014. Responsible for business school operations, works directly with students, academic staff and sector partners, ensuring a unique experience for each student.

The passion for education and knowledge led him to Pearson College London. Will is a specialist in Accounting and Finance education, holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business from the University of Birmingham and the Montpellier Business School (ESC Montpellier) – check it out in Pearson’s website.

His background was visible during our conversation. Check out what Will, Dean of our partner university, has to say about his career, Pearson College London, the future of business and his advice to professionals who want to succeed!

You have more than ten years of experience in Education field. In your point of view, which skills should students begin to develop today to be prepared for the job market in the future?

One of the most important skills for me and our institution’s teachers is agility. What do we mean by that? The ability to adapt to succeed in environments where change is standard, something that happens frequently. Incorporate knowledge in several areas to integrate technologies that don’t yet exist in order to find future solutions. Communicate effectively – be able to stand up and talk to small or large audiences.

From a business perspective, we think that there is a blind spot in professionals, where attitude is deep down, but not in a way that adds value to the organization, and that is sometimes a problem. In short: your attitude, your mind-set.

You are currently the Dean of Pearson Business School. What attitude was essential for you to get where you are today?

I think, above all, believe. Believe that you can do a good job. I always tell my students and alumni: if you want to grow in a company, do what a person above your job does. You will begin to be seen in that position. I think that’s exactly what happened to me, I started acting as the Dean of Pearson Business School even before I actually became the Dean.

Pearson College London is the only FTSE 100 university to award degrees, the only one in education that is actually immersed in this industry. How does this affect the training of students?

It affects in several ways. We try to work in our professional culture, creating a unique educational environment where this directly influences how we organize our courses. We all go through a process of evaluation and performance analysis, like a regular university. Our professors are professionals. We have two professors in our team who were CEOs of large companies (Dell and Microsoft). They have decided to change careers, but the business background is still there.

Why choose Pearson College London when thinking to attend an international executive program?

There is a saying that “if you are tired of London, you are already tired of life“. London is a beautiful city! There is always something for you to do! But in addition to all the city’s attractions, Pearson College London creates a professional learning environment. You will have the opportunity to attend classes with professionals who teach what books can’t bring in a work environment.

We seek to transmit a very immersive experience, rich in different aspects of business, in addition to the contact our students have with professors and speakers. We seek to offer a great cultural experience while our students are with us in London.

What is your advice to professionals who want to achieve success?

I think being successful is probably lucky, many people don’t like to admit it, but there are always elements that influence this. Being in the right place at the right time, for example. But besides that, work hard, have attitude. Proactivity is always well seen in a company. And look for your opportunities, don’t expect something to happen.

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