Innovation and sustainability in the business environment

The concept of innovation may not seem new, since it has been very debated over the past few years, but do you know how it behaves in the business world?

In the past, the companies did not have the need to work to conquer and much less maintain a consumer, because the competition was much lower and, consequently, the market less competitive. The big brands were based only on numbers, not the reaction of their consumers to their products and attitudes, since they did not need to captivate them.

Nowadays the scenario is another: andCreative Mprey have had a much higher income in the market, while those who did not bet on new solutions and technologies had a lower performance. Innovation can occur in the management, in production processes, in the final product or even in the relationship with consumers.

To retain your audience, a good alternative is to innovate in the connection between the brand and consumer. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Netflix and McDonald’s are great references in this regard, as they managed to make their customers become fans and publicators of their brand. These companies know the importance of knowing their consumers well, and they make a point of showing that they have values in common with them.

The market has already understood that the figure of the consumer is in constant transformation, and there are professionals specializing in studying it. Researches can indicate the main values and causes defended by a specific audience, facilitating the communication between him and the company that wants to achieve it.

But it is also safe to say that some lines of thought are practically universal, such as sustainability. To work this front with the consumer, you must first answer the question: What is sustainability for the business world?

The way the consumer thinks has changed a lot in recent years. If today the highlights are the Trademarks that they compose with the values of their audience, g Rand Companies They seek more and more sustainability beyond the product, seeking collaborators who make strategic decisions based on environmental awareness, which brings numerous advantages.

In addition to improving the image that the public has of a company, adopting a sustainable posture means economy, reduction of production costs, increase in the level of employee satisfaction and even valuation of shares in the stock exchange.

For more information on sustainability in the business environment, you can also follow the Online International Green Innovation Day Symposium, available on October 2nd on the YOUTUBE channel of IBS Americas. You can hear the opinion of international experts and ask questions during the event, just sign up for free on this link.

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