WCMA 2019 – The main events of the 7th edition

As a good business school, IBS Americas is always keeping an eye on the initiatives of personalities and organizations related to the performance of Brazilians on the international stage. For this reason, 7 years ago WCMA was born, the annual award to honor those who presented prominent actions for the international market.

The abbreviation that gives name to the event means World Class Management Award. The 2019 edition took place at Club Homs of Paulista Avenue and had about 250 people present.

The awards are presented to three different categories: Education, where nominees are teachers, Institution, naming companies, and Executive, naming executives. Those indicated to the WCMA categories are chosen by the public or IBS Americas students and then evaluated by an internal committee of the event. This year, the winners were:  Professor Fábio Verruck, FIESP and executive Renata Campos.

In addition to the World Class Management Award, the Academic Awards also took place, honoring the outstanding students of international courses held by IBS Americas in January, July and September 2019.

All the income obtained from WCMA was destined to the NGO Arte na Lata, which honored us with an amazing show! Below, you check out photos:

We would like to thank the presence and collaboration of all the people present.
May WCMA 2020 be even bigger!