Fondazione CUOA: how to prepare to travel and what to expect from the program

Check out the tips in the article made by our former student Leda de Luca, advertising, founder and editor of Ares do Mundo channel, about tourism, culture and lifestyle.


My name is Leda De Luca, I was a student at CUOA Business School (Fondazione CUOA), in the Creativity, Innovation and New Business program in 2017 and I am here to talk a little about my experience with the University and also give some tips to students who will travel soon to Italy. Let’s go! 🙂

Student housing or apartment rent

During the program, I chose to rent an apartment in Vicenza, rather than stay in the housing suggested by the school. In my case, it was very worth it, because in addition to the city being beautiful, with very cordial inhabitants, it was easy to take a train and travel during weekends to other corners of Europe.

Every day, I’d take a public bus downtown Vicenza and it’d leave me at CUOA’s door.

The same I did to get back and, when I arrived in the city after the program, I still had time to make some shopping on the most commercial streets or dinner in picturesque restaurants in the city.

The bus route to go and to get back took on average 40 minutes and never had any problem of delay. Were punctual, even in days of terrible blizzards.

During my studies, I noticed that about 75% of IBS students stayed in the student housing suggested by the school and had a lot of fun too, but I preferred a quieter routine, so it was really nice to be in Vicenza throughout the program.

Whether you stay in Vicenza or not, visit the city for at least 1 day because it is charming. It’s a tourist town, so you’ll be able to have very original experiences with local Italians.

The day by day of the program

Over the program I’ve had 3 teachers, one of each discipline.

The day by day was quiet, but quite dynamic. Classes went from more basic business issues to more innovative subjects.

Throughout the program, I made 3 visits to factories in Italy. One for Armani, one for a supplier that made roller coasters for Disney and the last for Bissaza, luxury mosaic makers. I loved the visits!!!

Each program had a specific schedule of visits to factories and this schedule was changed, according to the availability of the companies.

During the visits to the factories all students were very attentive, because, based on the learnings, we prepared for the work of completion of the program.

Punctuality always!

Classes always started punctually and ended without delay as well. The students had no “stewardship” with schedules and daily we assinted the attendance sheet on the board.

The trip to Geneva

With CUOA we took a trip to Geneva, Switzerland, by train. It was a spectacular weekend, where we could get to know the UN and WTO. After the tours, I met other places of the city and prepared this script below, on my travel blog :).

Other cool places in Italy to visit during the program

I recommend visiting Verona, the city that inspired Shakespeare to write Romeo and Juliet and of course Venice (which tends to disappear from the map very soon). Both are very close to the University and Vicenza. You can get to know them by train.

How to prepare to study in Italy

Before going to Italy, stay tuned for the validity of your passport and do not forget to get travel insurance as it is mandatory in Europe.

If you have questions about how to get travel insurance, take a look here, I explain everything you need to stay tuned to choose the best for your profile.

Your trip can also get more comfortable getting an international travel chip. At school wi-fi works super well, but out of there, no. And it may be necessary in your daily life, especially if you are travelling to other places of Europe.

IBS Americas thanks you for the testimonial and for all the support to our blog, Leda! We wish you a lot of success.

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