IBS Americas launches new course model

Understand the concept of a hybrid course: six months of online and presential course.

After almost 18 years of innovation in the world of education with varied vacation courses, we decided to expand our horizons a little bit more, presenting the hybrid courses to the public.

Aimed for professionals who want to improve their Curriculum with a more extensive course, but can not spend a lot of time abroad, hybrid courses mix distance and face-to-face regimes, ensuring complete content and an international certificate.

There will be 4 months of live online classes and 8 days of face-to-face classes at the State University of New York. Distance classes will be taught at two times – the student will be able to choose the most convenient time – and face-to-face classes will be taught at the Albany campus in New York, both entirely in English. Like all courses already offered, hybrid courses also include visits to local companies and an optional visit to the UN headquarters in New York.

The name of the first hybrid course is Business Sustainability for Leaders, and the syllabus studies sustainability from a financial point of view. Exploring the ESG (Environmental Social Governance) concept, the student will learn to develop strategies and apply sustainability metrics to attract investments to a company. The first classes of the Business Sustainability for Leader course will begin in March 2021.

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