Inside the State University of New York: interview with former student Flavio Ferreira

The syllabus, professors and prestigious universities are extremely important when choosing an international course, but here you can also take into account the student’s experience. Check out the chat we had with Flavio Ferreira, who was our student in the Corporate Financial Management course, class of July 2019, at SUNY.

How was the first day of the program?

The first day was very funny because I got to know the other students and since everything in New York was new for me, I was very excited. I went on a campus tour to know about the SUNY facilities in New Paltz and the entire structure that was part of the program. I had practically already memorized the campus map that IBS Americas had sent to me before, but seeing it in a PDF file is one thing and being there is quite another. I met a lot of nice people on the first day and, after the official presentations, I remember we went to the supermarket, which made it possible to discover the campus and the city of New Paltz a little more.

How was your routine during the week? And on the weekend?

The college days were very busy, the schedule was pretty tight, but everything was very good. We would wake up early for breakfast in the university cafeteria, then we would go to the first class. We would have lunch in the cafeteria and then we would go back to the classroom for the second class. After classes we would meet in the library or in the common areas of the housing to do the group work, prepare presentations and research. We only stopped when it was getting dark (in the summer in New York it gets dark around 9pm!). Not to mention the visits to the companies we had, which were great professional experiences. I had a complete immersion in the life of an American student.  On the weekends we were free to visit surroundings. I preferred to spend every weekend in New York, because there was a lot to do.

Why did you choose to study at SUNY New Paltz? What was your favorite thing at the university?

I confess that I chose SUNY New Paltz because it is close to New York City and because the campus seemed to be like the ones in the American movies, but I also considered the course program, which was exactly what I was looking for. After I got there, I was positively surprised by the organization of classes and the infrastructure of the university. Everything was very clean and well maintained. I really liked the housing, where we had a lot of common areas and free spaces to study, work on our projects or just relax and chat with other students.

What were the professors and classes like?

All the professors I had were great, both the CFM’s professors and the Business English teacher, who was one of the best I ever had the opportunity to take a class with, I will never forget Professor James and his incredible Business English classes! All of them were experts on the subject, dynamic and always looking for examples applied not only to the United States, but also to students’ countries. It was interesting to hear about Brazilian companies and other countries in Latin America, where most of the students were from.

In addition to the course, did you take the opportunity to visit other places of NY? If so, what place did you like to visit the most?

Yes, I tried to go to all the most popular tourist spots and took the opportunity to go to places where there were not many tourists either. I tried to have an experience of those who live there. I got to know classic places like Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State and the World Trade Center. I also went to neighborhoods like Harlem and Brooklyn. As a good nerd, of course, I really enjoyed seeing the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum and the classic sculptures at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but I what made my days were when I went to some comic bookstores, near Times Square. I also loved walking around Chinatown too!

How was the graduation day?

Graduation day was one of my best moments in NY! We were all very happy to have finished the course, and we were also starting to say goodbye, as we had met people from all over the world. At the ceremony, we were able to thank the professors and the staff from IBS Americas and SUNY who were assisting us during the whole experience, and then I went to enjoy the last day in a pub near the campus.

At the end of that experience, what do you believe was the most remarkable for you in the professional field? And what about your personal life?

In the professional field, I believe it has been the experience of meeting students from different parts of the world and having the experience of an American college student. I met people from almost every continent during the time I was there and managed to boost my resume. On the personal side, I had the opportunity to make great friends (some that I have already met in Brazil and others that I intend to meet when I visit their countries) and discover the greatness of one of the largest and most important cities in the world. It was an unforgettable experience and if I could, I would live it again!

Thanks for the interview and the records of your international experience, Flavio Ferreira! May you be very successful in your professional life.

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