The United States reopens borders and foreigners can now resume travel plans

Almost two years after the first case of COVID-19 and after months of closed borders, the United States has announced the end of most travel restrictions for this month and is reopening the doors for foreigners.

As of November 8, 2021, fully immunized traveler with World Health Organization (WHO) approved vaccines may enter the country. Authorities still request negative PCR testing to be performed up to 3 days before the trip, among other measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

It is still necessary to plan your trip well, as each of the procedures to be taken takes time and attention, and there is still a waiting line for obtaining the American visa.

IBS Americas Classes in 2022

With the reopening of the American borders, we will already have classes in January and July 2022. If you have applied and been approved, make sure you have the IBS Americas contacts and login to access the Student Portal. And be sure to follow the instructions for your trip.

Students enrolled and confirmed for January classes, attending the SUNY Albany and SUNY New Paltz universities in New York, California State University and the University of La Verne in California, are already in the process of preparation, with materials available on the Student Portal and in the pre-trip meetings.

For students confirmed for the classes in July 2022, the preparation will begin in February.

How does the preparation of IBS Americas students work?

All students enrolled in short courses at IBS Americas partner universities undergo intense travel preparation. The goal is to make the most of the program and the trip, from the first day abroad.

The preparation area, led by Professor João Guerreiro, Academic Director of IBS Americas, assists students in obtaining an American visa, choosing accommodation, transportation and food options, pre-trip study materials and English testing, among several other details.

This preparation is composed of certain steps:

  1. Access to the Student Portal

As soon as participation in the trip is confirmed, the participant receives the login details to the Student Portal, which is the main means of communication with the IBS Americas preparation area. This is where all the indispensable materials for the trip are available, as well as any notices.

2. Passport and visa information

This is the first information available on the Portal. IBS Americas provides guidelines, documents, and many tips for obtaininga  Visa at the American Consulate that serves your region.

3. Preparatory first meeting

In the first meeting, which is held online, all the information on the trip, the course and the university are presented in detail, in addition to the materials that are available for consultation on the Portal.

4. Information about accommodations, tickets, optional visits, health insurance and English testing

The second phase of information includes processes that the student needs to fulfill within the stipulated deadlines so as not to have problems when boarding, such as obtaining health insurance and taking the English test. The student receives information about options of places to stay, transportation tips, food and information about visits to companies at this time.

Note: In the current pandemic scenario, universities may have restrictions on visits, so it is important to monitor each stage of your trip in the student portal.

5. Second preparatory meeting

In this meeting, also held online, a review of the entire process, confirmation of dates, and details of activities foreseen in the program are  carried out, as well as information relevant to boarding and to the beginning of the classes.

6. Sending additional university information and a general checklist

This is the last step before the trip! At this time, students are given the latest relevant information about the trip, such as additional preparatory readings, optional visits, dates and times of ceremonies and other details to make everything work.

What are the most valuable tips that the preparation area has for students?

  • Check the Student Portal! This is your main source of information about the trip.
  • Keep the IBS Americas contact at hand and clear up any questions that may arise.
  • Comply with deadlines in the organization of documents. This prevents you from running the risk of problems while traveling.
  • Sort things out in advance, leave nothing until the last minute, so you have peace of mind!
  • Only buy the ticket and accommodation after the approval of the visa. There is an order of the steps, and it is important to follow them in order to avoid problems.
  • Before the trip, in addition to using the preparatory materials sent, seek knowledge in the area you are going to study and study English! Enjoy the experience to the fullest and take the time to prepare well for your trip!

So, are you interested in taking a course abroad? Enrollment for the classes of 2022 and 2023 is open and you can learn more about the universities and courses and also take part in the selection process for scholarships of up to 50%!

Still, have questions about travel programs and preparation? Contact us at