Trending professions: check out the 5 most promising professions for 2022, according to LinkedIn

At the beginning of every year, LinkedIn publishes a list of trending professions. This year, it was no different. In the list of the most promising jobs, there are opportunities ranging from technology to design, including customer relationship management and others that could represent the ideal professional career for you.  

The professions expected to be on the rise in the next 5 years are pointed out according to LinkedIn’s methodology. The purpose of this list is to direct professionals who are seeking to choose areas with greater growth prospects. 

We have brought together here the summary of the 5 most promising professions in 2022, according to LinkedIn. Check it out! 

1. Data Scientist 

With the rise of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the position of Data Scientist has been gaining relevance in the area of Information Technology and is the most promising profession on this year’s list! 

This professional is responsible for collecting, interpreting and generating knowledge through the processing of data of a company, providing all areas of the company with strategic information based on this data. 

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2. Customer Experience Leader 

This booming profession shows the effort and investment of companies to ensure customer satisfaction before, during and after the sale. 

The professional who leads the customer experience is responsible for integrating technical and human steps, optimizing all customer contact points: e-commerce, physical point of sale, virtual service, customer service etc. 

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3. Risk management analyst 

In an increasingly unstable market due to the current global context, the professional who manages risk in companies has become essential and should see its importance increase in the coming years. Not surprisingly, this is one of the top professions according to the LinkedIn report.  

The risk management analyst is responsible for the identification, evaluation, mitigation and monitoring of risks, for complex studies involving credit and financial risk analysis, both on the investor side and the creditor side, as well as the preparation of reports.  

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4. Product Design Consultant 

Very common in technology companies, the position of product design consultant should expand to other business segments. 

According to LinkedIn itself, it brings an external perspective and market experience in consulting to product development teams of companies, with a gain of time and resources in the elaboration of new projects. 

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5. Agile Coach 

Agile methodologies began in the technological development teams but gained space in other areas within companies. 

As such, agile coaches are true facilitators of agile methodologies in companies, working together with the most diverse teams, in order to optimize processes and ensure efficiency in project delivery. 

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Other trending professions listed in the LinkedIn study 

In addition to the positions detailed in this article, some other positions also stood out, such as: 

  • Technology Specialist Recruiter 
  • Site Reliability Engineer 
  • Data Engineer 
  • Cybersecurity Specialist 
  • Business Development Representative 
  • Traffic Manager 
  • Machine Learning Engineer 
  • Researcher in User Experience 
  • And others. 

To check the complete study, access it here

Now that you know which professions are on the rise for 2022, you have certainly realized how many subjects such as innovation, technology, agile methodologies and creativity are among the essential hard skills for the future of work. 

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