Learn about 5 international courses in Strategic Business Management

Strategic business management is a subject that has the potential to put the company in a prominent position before the market. However, putting it into practice depends on a set of measures to be adopted by leaders and staff.

In a landscape of constant change and technological advances, training is fundamental to position the business as a standout among competitors. In this sense, investing in strategic business management courses may be the best decision to gain more prominence in your career and, consequently, raise the strategic level of your company’s business.

In this article, we will indicate 5 courses for professionals who want to master strategic business management. Check it out!

1 – Advanced Topics in Business Strategy (California)

The Advanced Topics in Business Strategy course is ideal for leaders interested in developing competitive and sustainable strategies.

The course has 3 modules and aims to develop management skills and the creation of market strategies that help to achieve the desired results in your organization. In addition to enabling you to deliver a product or service with greater added value to your customers.

As it is an advanced program, it is exclusive for graduate professionals with managerial experience. The workload is 80 hours and offers certification in Executive Management.

The course is taught at the University of La Verne, California – USA, and lasts for 3 weeks in January or July: ideal for the holidays!

2 – Strategic Thinking (New York)

There is no way to execute strategic business management without developing strategic thinking. In this regard, the Strategic Thinking course offered at SUNY, in New York, is perfect to stimulate decision making with the understanding, planning and execution of strategic changes in today’s business world.

The course consists of an introductory module, environmental and internal analysis, and the construction of competitive strategies. The great difference is in the methodology in which the course was built, containing:

  • Lectures by Ph.Ds. or specialists with extensive executive experience;
  • Meetings with local executives are included in the schedule;
  • Technical visit to the UN headquarters in New York;
  • Opportunity for international networking with professionals interested in strategic business management.

3 – Contemporary Topics in Business Strategy (London)

Another international course to foster strategic business management skills is the intensive program offered by Pearson College London, which is fully focused on current topics of Strategic Management, such as:

  • Innovation;
  • Sustainability;
  • Emerging technologies;
  • Development of public and private partnerships.

The program addresses new tools and concepts of strategic thinking, like Blue Ocean Strategy and strategic canvas, as well as case studies and visits to companies in the region.

Two other modules on Sustainability and Innovation also deepen the strategic business vision. It is worth checking out the course!

4 – Business Sustainability for Leaders (New York)

Empowering Leaders for the future involves considering topics as ESG, increasingly present in organizations and will gain even more relevance to success in business.

Therefore, the Business Sustainability for Leaders course is also an excellent option to expand the strategic business vision of professionals.

The course is held on SUNY’s campus in Albany, New York in the United States, and will teach the student to plan, implement indicators and ensure best practices of Sustainable Management to have access to ESG funds. Furthermore, the teachings also aim to boost the student’s career and increase the profitability of their company with techniques that attract more customers and more investors, while contributing to a better world.

5 – International Management & Leadership (Italy)

Finally, the International Management & Leadership course, held at CUOA Business School (Italy), aims to develop essential leadership skills applicable to multinational companies, while exploring options for the professional to understand the process of strategic business management in intercultural contexts.

The Institution is one of the most important business schools in Europe. Its faculty is composed of Ph.Ds and specialists in their areas of expertise.

The programs also offer optional visits to the Fashion District of Milan and the UN and WTO headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

How to participate?

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