2018 Award for International Excellence – Gaia Antonaci

The words of a Champion..

“…I decided to follow my strongest passion – fashion – which brought me to Glasgow Caledonian University in London where I am currently attending a Master of Science in International Fashion Marketing. I have always looked at marketing as a powerful means to directly express fashion creative ideas by developing successful and powerful strategies to make consumers see the real value behind a fashion creation. The importance of strategy in undeniable in the marketing field as it can be identified as the “road map” to achieve important results, from an economic, social and environmental point of view. For this reason, your course can surely teach me how to develop strategic plans by applying modern marketing theories, helping me to accomplish my goal of becoming a professional marketer in the fashion industry. Even if marketing is strictly linked to the concept of selling, I believe in its strong ability to spread awareness among consumers regarding the importance of sustainability. Therefore, an effective strategy is absolutely needed to sensitize consumers and correctly invest in technology and innovation.

This is why I believe that your course can help me, not only to deeply improve my knowledge and shape my professional career but also to build a new generation of marketers able to drive change and make our world a better place to live. Attending this course at the University of La Verne is the greatest chance to express my ambitious, broad-minded and forward-looking personality, looking at my professional career not as a self-accomplishment, but as building a better future for my planet and next generations. To reach my objectives, profoundly believing in the power of communication, I looked at myself as a future Marketing communications manager, able to create and implement the marketing strategy and develop effective marketing communications. This role suits my personality because I would combine both creative and analytical sides of marketing, by developing new innovative and visionary ideas thanks to an accurate research and analysis of market trends and customer opinions. Strategy has always represented a key point in my educational and professional experience.

Last year, I had the chance to participate at Sustainable Luxury Academy in Milan, where I continued to develop strategies to advance sustainability integration in luxury supply networks, as well as to drive industrial collaborations toward supply chain traceability and network integration by using scientific knowledge. This experience, together with my participation at National Model United Nations (NMUN) in New York, made me really understand that an effective strategy is a result of working in team with synergy and unity. These two programs made me develop strong team working skills, teaching me how to make the most of different cultural, economic and social backgrounds. More specifically, by participating at NMUN, I developed an appreciation of different viewpoints by working in committee sessions with people from every Country, negotiating, cooperating and collaborating with them to reach peaceful, multilateral conflict resolution, as well as sustainable human development.

To conclude, I see the University of La Verne as an incredibly inspiring environment and having the chance to study here can play a pivotal role in helping me to achieve my personal and professional development, letting me to embrace an international perspective and broaden my horizons, going beyond my comfort zone and facing complex situations with the goal of constantly challenging myself…”

A word from the Nominating Professor:

“Coming from Italy, Gaia Antonaci successfully secured a place on MSc International Fashion Marketing in September 2017, an innovative programme that provides students with international business knowledge along with the creative and practical marketing expertise to succeed in in the global fashion industry. To date, Gaia’s performance on the programme has been excellent. She is currently working on her research proposal for the dissertation, which will examine the Use of big data and technology to enhance personalisation of the customer experience in offline fashion retail. Previously, Gaia was very successful in obtaining a place on a workshop with the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing on Creative Data. It is an absolute pleasure to teach Gaia. GCU London are extremely proud that she has secured this short-term study abroad full scholarship at University of La Verne in September 2018.”

Dr. Ruth Marciniak
GCU London

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