4 tips for those who are going to leave the country for the first time

Are you planning a trip in the next years? Check out the tips to do succeed in your first international experience.

There are few things more pleasant than planning a trip, but when the date is coming we always get apprehensive: have I forgotten anything? What if I get lost?

Those butterflies in our stomach get even worse when it comes to your first time abroad. Being in a new place with a totally different culture where people probably don’t speak the same language as you can be scary. That’s why we’ve separated some tips that might be useful!

Hand luggage

This is the bag or backpack that will be at your fingertips throughout the time at the airport and flight, so make sure that all of your documents (especially your passport!), cards, cash and valuable electronics are in your carry-on baggage. It is also worth keeping the receipts of your accommodations and tours, so if your bag is lost, your trip will not be impaired.

Also, you will spend long hours on the plane, so it is a good idea packing some clothes (in case you need or want to chance), hygiene kit and whatever else is needed to make you feel comfortable!


Always carry your passport with you, it is your identity in another country! A good tip is to use a fanny pack, so you can keep it along with cards and cash safely.

Power outlets

The pattern of outlets varies depending on the country you are in. Search the internet or call your hotel to find out what type your destination uses and provide the necessary adapters.


Research the costs of tours, meals and shopping, then calculate an approximate amount to take on your trip. When you arrive at your destination, look for safe locations (such as large trades) to exchange your higher value notes, so you avoid high-value change that can come with counterfeit bills and also don’t have such a big loss if you lose a portion of the money.

Leaving the country can make the butterflies in our stomach go crazy, but just prepare with care and research. Getting there, the tip is: have fun and enjoy your international experience!