4 Emerging Technologies to consider in the coming years

Have you ever seen such a disruptive innovation in some business and wondered “how come I didn’t think of that before?”

The truth is, once the innovation is applied and enters everyday use, it tends to look very simple. But there is a complexity involved in making such sophisticated technologies the basis for transforming the everyday habits of consumers.

To get out in front of technological disruption, you have to go beyond just having innovative ideas and make them a reality so that they actually become innovation. In this sense, understanding Emerging Technologies is essential, as they can be the basis for businesses to become innovative and get ahead of their competitors.

Knowing the importance of the topic, in this article we bring you the concept of Emerging Technologies and separate examples to keep an eye on in the coming years! Read on and check it out!

What are Emerging Technologies?

First of all, let’s understand what Emerging Technologies are and how they impact both our personal and professional lives.

Emerging Technologies are all innovations that have the potential to change behavior on a large scale.

To illustrate, let’s look at an everyday situation. Until recently, when someone needed a cab, they had the following options:

  • Call a cab stand;
  • Schedule a ride through a cooperative;
  • Standing on the sidewalk and signaling until a driver stops to pick you up.

With the arrival of real-time technologies that made it possible to connect drivers with passengers, the apps as we know them today have changed the entire transportation industry, benefiting passengers – who now wait for less time to find a car – and drivers – who no longer have to drive around with an empty car in search of passengers.

Since the app-based transportation market has been consolidated, it is no longer an Emerging Technology. This is because this name is given only to those technologies that are not yet fully consolidated in the market and still have some way to go to capture the entire market.

In this sense, the businesses that keep an eye on emerging technologies and apply them quickly end up with a competitive advantage over their competitors, and can lead the way in innovations in the segment and achieve growth from it.

So let’s understand which Emerging Technologies are expected to explode in the next few years!

What are the top 4 Emerging Technologies to keep an eye on?

1 – Blockchain

Much talked about in the Finance market, Blockchain is an emerging technology capable of tracking information transactions over the internet. The technology received its name thanks to its function of carrying information connected through virtually generated pieces of code, forming a blockchain of data.

Although it is known as the basis of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, blockchain has the potential to gain new functionality and applications in various segments!

In addition, there is a lot of talk about blockchain being the basis of Web 3.0, a new phase of the internet that will allow decentralization of the power of the big tech companies that now dominate the digital medium – Google, Meta and others.

2 – Virtual Reality

If there is one subject that is dominating the technology trends market, it is the metaverse. On Google alone, searches for the term are up over 1000% in the last 6 months.

Creation of brand spaces in the metaverse, immersive shows and events, interactive games: everything we know so far about the metaverse is based on virtual reality, an emerging technology that promises to revolutionize the way users experience the Internet.

And the ones who are leading this movement are the big technology companies and world-famous brands. 

3 – DevSecOps

With cybersecurity in mind and the importance of achieving a level of maturity in data governance, DevSecOps comes as an evolution of DevOps.

Broadly speaking, DevSecOps means creating security in an automated way in end-to-end application and software development. Applying it means automating security gates through a set of tools that ensure security in development processes.

This emerging technology has gained importance after the LGPD and other international data protection laws came into effect in order to protect the plethora of personal data that travels in digital environments.

4 – Cognitive Computing

Obviously, computer science would not be left out of this list of emerging technologies, after all, experts have been pointing out that the 3rd era of computing is getting closer and closer.

This brings up cognitive computing, which leaves behind the mechanisms of primary calculations and programmable tasks, allowing cognition science and computer science to create technologies with the ability to simulate the human thought process, automating tasks and using artificial intelligence as the basis of this evolution.

And so, did you already know all these Emerging Technologies? Are you unsure how to apply them and turn them into innovation in your company?

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