Learn all about how to take Short-Term Courses Abroad!

Do you want to gain international experience in the curriculum, but want something fast and also does not require a long-term life change? So, short-term courses abroad are the best option for you!

In this article, we’ll unveil everything you need to know about the topic. Read this guide and understand if this is the best path for your career, which are the best regions, universities and short-term courses abroad, and a step by step to plan this experience.

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What are the benefits of a short-term course abroad?

Traveling and getting to know new places is certainly an experience that pleases most people.  But, in addition, traveling for a short-term course abroad has advantages that go far beyond leisure — although it is also involved in this type of experience.

Check out some of the main benefits of taking a short-term course abroad.

English improvement

Even if you choose to take a Business course, you will certainly be able to improve the second language during the trip.

This is because classes are taught in English and you will spend around 3 weeks communicating with natives and foreigners, which will certainly improve your pronunciation and understanding. After all, you will deal with accents from different regions of the world.

 International Networking

Another great advantage of short-term courses abroad is related to the possibility of doing international networking. During this experience, you will meet other professionals from different regions, and you will be able to exchange experiences on the labor market, innovations and trends.

This will expand your horizons and bring you even more repertoire for professional life. After all, you will learn from teachers, but you will also be able to exchange many experiences with your colleagues from other regions, gaining insights that can increase your creativity and bring you more insights on how to solve problems and deal with new work situations.

Practical Skills Development

By having a shorter period — around 3 weeks of class — short-term courses focus primarily on practical knowledge. The best courses abroad are those that take students out of the classroom, organizing visits to companies in the region and teaching students through real cases.

So if you are looking to develop a specific skill, taking a short-term course abroad is an excellent choice!

Getting to know a new culture

If you have ever participated in any experience abroad, you know how important it is to expand horizons. From time to time, it’s always good to relive the experience to benefit from it.

But if you have not yet had the opportunity to take a short-term course abroad, you can play without fear. In addition to practical knowledge and networking, the experience of living within the customs and routines of other cultures will be very valuable to you!

Possibility to do on vacation

Many professionals end up giving up an international training because they do not want to leave their jobs and family to spend time outside.

In this sense, taking a short-term course abroad is the perfect solution: you can complete the program during the holidays of January or July, without having to resign for it. Programs usually last for 3 weeks, being sufficient to acquire new knowledge without having to be absent for a long time from their routine.

For whom is it recommended to take a short-term course abroad?

Now that you know why it is worth taking a short-term course abroad,  you may be wondering whether it is really suitable for this moment in your life. Understand better who this experience is for.

Students and recent graduates

Whether you are attending graduation or have just graduated and want to boost your resume to accelerate entry into the job market, short-term courses abroad are great for this purpose.

In order not to jeopardize your classes in college or internship, you can choose the programs that take place in the holidays of January or July!

Young leaders

For those who graduated a while ago and are already taking on their first challenges in leadership positions, courses abroad are also excellent options for acquiring new practical knowledge in a short period of time.

Many of the professionals who take on new positions feel the need to seek training to help them with their challenges, and short-term courses abroad may be a faster and more practical alternative than starting an MBA, for example.

Senior Professionals

There are also options for short-term courses abroad for senior professionals who have been on the market longer. For this, the ideal is to look for advanced classes in order to ensure the best experience with professionals who are in similar moments in their career.

What are the best regions for short-term courses abroad?

If you have understood that a short-term course abroad is the best option for your career moment, it is time to define the region where you will study. Check out the top destinations that offer these programs.

United States

Obviously, the United States ends up being the main choice for Brazilians when studying abroad. If you want to go to Uncle Sam’s land, it’s important to choose a region that has attractions that can add to your experience, such as

  • New York: for the possibility of visiting one of the largest financial centers in the world;
  • California: concentration of many of the largest companies in the country in the region, allowing you to visit relevant locations during your trip.


The good thing about choosing Europe to take a short-term course abroad is the proximity to other countries, so that you can take advantage of weekends to get to know new regions.

To do so, you can choose to take your course in strategic regions that allow for easy commuting in your spare moments from your studies, such as London or Italy, for example.

Which universities offer short courses abroad?

Another important point before deciding on a short course abroad is to ensure that you go to a good educational institution. Discover some of the best universities in the United States and Europe to have this unique experience!

State University of New York (SUNY)

The State University of New York — well known by its abbreviation SUNY — is one of the most respected educational systems in the United States. Founded in 1828, its 64 campuses in New York host a passionate community of teachers, researchers, and students from around the world.

Intensive vacation courses lasting 3 weeks are offered in the New Paltz and Albany units.

The classes are taught by an experienced faculty, composed of masters, doctors and market experts, who will give you new perspectives on the business world, new tools and skills to develop your career.

Monitored visits to companies are the perfect opportunity to learn more about the American corporate world and expand your professional network with local managers.

The technical visit to the UN headquarters in Manhattan (NYC) will broaden your understanding of international relations.

All this, in addition to a valuable development of communication skills in English for business, is offered to students and young professionals from all continents.

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

California State University, Northridge — also known as CSUN — is one of the largest and most important universities in the world.

It is a reference in teaching and research in different areas of knowledge, it stands out in the training of Technology and Business professionals.

The most striking characteristic of its faculty is the bond with California’s economic environment, marked by ideas that are transforming labor relations. CSUN leads these changes as a center for creating and disseminating innovative ideas.

University of La Verne

The University of La Verne – ULV is one of the most traditional and respected American universities. Founded in 1891, it is a private, non-profit institution linked to a foundation that supports the teaching of students from emerging countries.

Situated in California, 50 minutes from Los Angeles, it is in the heart of the wealthiest American state, in the city of La Verne.

Pearson College London

Pearson College London is one of the most modern and renowned educational institutions in the United Kingdom. It is part of the Pearson group, which today is one of the largest companies in the world, with its shares listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Its faculty is an international reference in several areas of knowledge, such as Innovation, Accounting, Law and Marketing.

CUOA Business School

CUOA Business School is one of the most active administrative teaching centres in Europe. Founded in 1957, it is a business school that operates with the support of the universities of Padova, Trento, Trieste, Udine, Ca’ Foscari, IUAV (Venice) and Verona.

Located in Italy, it teaches English programs to students from all over Europe and around the world. It is a private, non-profit foundation that supports the entry of students from emerging countries.

How much does a short course abroad cost?

If you have come this far, you may have realized how much a short course abroad can bring benefits in the short, medium and long term to your career, don’t you?

Now, you may be wondering what the average price of this experience is.

The answer is: it depends.

There are many factors involved in the course, such as:

  • Ticket
  • Accommodation
  • Course value
  • Expenses with food, transportation, etc.

The good news is that some institutions, such as IBS Americas, for example, offer scholarships of up to 50% of the value of the course, facilitating financial planning for you to study abroad.

How to take a short-term course abroad?

So, are you ready to start planning your short-term course abroad?

Check out this quick checklist on how to get started on this new experience:

  • Choose the course and the region where you want to study;
  • Find a partner institution to help you study abroad;
  • Schedule your vacation;
  • Leave passport and visa up to date;
  • Plan financially;
  • Take advantage of the time leading up to the course to improve your English.

And to take the first concrete step towards your short-term course abroad, how about a scholarship of up to 50%? Get to know the IBS Americas courses, fill out the application form and guarantee your spot!